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About 80% of business success comes from marketing, while the other 20% are vital organs of your business. Having 80% taken care of can give you peace of mind so you can focus on the crucial 20%


Online marketing can be overwhelming and time consuming if you haven’t got a marketing team behind you.

Our dedicated team know that working together creates greater effiency and produces optimal results. We can assure that both your money and valuable time will be saved, while taking action to implement your ideas.


At Aekoi, business growth is our priority. We understand that there’s always room for growth and aim to help you realise your potential.

Consistency is key to achieving great results and Aekoi’s marketing team strive to keep up with the times so we can offer up-to-date services.


Aekoi’s focus is on connection and creating a marketing strategy that targets your audience and fulfills their desires. When their desires are met, so will yours.  

We focus on the interactions between your content and how your audience responds, making sure they get what they came for. 


You want to be seen. You want to be heard. But most of all, you want to be remembered.

You may not be the pioneer of your industry but with creative marketing we help you to express what sets your business apart. We strive to create brand recognition by expressing your voice through your online presence.

With our personalised services, we’ll make sure that your content really delivers your message and stands out.

You Dream, We Build.

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